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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pet Cloning Firm Takes "Best Friends" Name

This is just sleazy. A company called BioArts, which will clone pets for large amounts of cash is using the name "Best Friends Again" on it's website. Coincidence? From the Best Friends Blog:
Note to Lou Hawthorne, CEO of BioArts:

Don't tell us you didn't realize there was a possible conflict of identities. You've known Best Friends for years. You even sent a team here, back in the days of your old company, to check out how we shelter dogs and cats.

And you actually requested that we give or sell you the "bits" from our spay/neuter surgeries so you could experiment with them. (We declined.)
Here is the website. On it, they ask, "what if you could best friends again?" This is such a stupid question. Animals are more then their genetic material.

We have a cat named Charlotte that is not long for this world. She's an awesome cat. She's cranky. She thinks she's better then us. And she's also very sweet. She started life as an alley cat. Her mother was the meanest cat I've ever seen. When we used to put food out, the mother cat used to smack Charlotte away from the food. And yet, when Charlotte was eating, our other soon-to-be-pet Jenny used to run-up on her two front lets (her back legs don't bend) to try to get some food. She was boney, and half crazy from starvation. Charlotte used to back away from the bowl to let Jenny eat. To our knowledge, Jenny is not related to Charlotte. And, yet, despite leading a hard life, Charlotte displayed truly altruistic behavior.

Would I clone her? I wouldn't do it if it were free. What would be the point? It might look like her, and have better teeth, but it would absolutely not be the same cat. She is the way she is, because of the way things were. Not because of her DNA.

This company is taking bids to clone a pet. I would hope that nobody takes them up on this revolting concept. Best friends again? Why not take this amount of money and donate it to the real Best Friends. Or if you don't have 100 grand lying around, I hear they'll take smaller donations.

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