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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

British Columbia Government Reviewing Laws on Exotic Pets

After several incidents, including a tiger mauling death in Kamloops BC, the provincial government is reviewing the Wildlife Act to see if any changes need to be made.

People frequently don't know what they're getting into when they take exotic and dangerous animals as pets, say animal rights activists. Now, the B.C. government is reviewing the law that governs the status of non-domesticated animals in the province -- something the B.C. SPCA says is long overdue.

"People don't often realize the inherent dangers and responsibilities of owning an exotic animal until it's too late, and the animal is either abandoned or it hurts someone," said Sara Dubois, B.C. SPCA manager of wildlife services. Thanks to a grant from the non-profit Vancouver Foundation, the B.C. SPCA will contribute its recommendations to this year's provincial government review of the Wildlife Act, announced back in April.


Anonymous said...

I for one find it to be interesting that the BC. gov't would want to regulate exotic animals becausetwo peple get hurt by their pets. when hundreds of people get killed by their horses in canada no regulations or even a consideration of this. 5 people have been killed and many more seriously injured by the family dog yet no regulation why?

Anonymous said...

Check out Vital Statistics at this address

It shows horses accounted for 35% of all fatalities caused by both wild and domestic animals during the 29 year study period. Horses need to be regulated long before other pets!

Only 2 snake-related deaths were reported during the 29 year study, one from a rattlesnake that was encountered by a farm hand, and the other from a pet cobra.

Maybe some venomous reptiles need to be available by permit only. Falconry is the same way.

The claim by the SPCA in reference to tigers and venomous animals that people often don't realize the potential danger of the animals they keep is just stupid. Of course people know that a venomous animal or tiger is dangerous, that's why a death from one makes headlines: because it's SO RARE!

The vast majority of people with exotic pets love their animals and take good care of them. And we should be clear that most exotic pets are corn snakes, ball pythons and hampsters. The small number of more dangerous exotic pets are primarily in the hands of people who are experienced.

You can't say the same thing about owners of dogs and horses.

Anonymous said...

In reguards to the exotic animal laws being changed in bc. I looked up the spca exotic animal policy on there web page and the spca wants to ban every type of animal out there and make it illegal to trafic in them no more buying or selling of animals of any kind by the public or even pet stores for that matter. i no longer will be supporting the spca with my donations earned from my animals.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope they don't just stick an outright ban on exotics.
I think it would be a good idea to require permits for some types of pets. And not just one you can pay for and be done with... more of an assessment of a person's capability of owning that pet.

And yes, the SPCA stuff... well, they have good reason to believe what they do. After seeing case after case of exotic pets being mishandled, abandoned, etc. it's no wonder they think it would be best to ban exotics entirely. But there are also people out there who are willing to learn enough about their prospective pets, and willing to make that kind of commitment, who should still be able to keep these animals.
That's where the idea of an assessment permit comes in. The people who understand the animal and its needs and proper care will be allowed to keep it.

Anonymous said...

BC SPCA wants to ammend a already written law on the difinition of "wild animals" they are asking all hybrid pets to be incluced in this Ban- which means the Domestic Bengal and Savananh- both breeds that are already reconized by several registered cat associations as being purebred cats!!

Please write your letters of opposition to this silly request: Bengals and Savannahs are kept as loving pets and show cats in peoples homes and are NOT wild animals kept by crazy people. Here is the legislation they are asking for

Write your letters to:


Anonymous said...

I understand that the bc spca has only the animals' best interests at heart. Much of the work they do is to be applauded and commended! However, The proposed ban on all exotics is a bit over the top.
I believe that with proper enforcement of regulations in regards to owning such animals there can be little room for suffering of both the animal and neighborhood's surrounding them. Whether anyone will want to pay for this monitoring is another matter.
I do not personally own any exotic pets. I do however own a dog and cat. I have been more appalled at the lack of education and awareness in your average dog owner than I have been of anyone with exotics. In fact in my experience, people whom I have met with an exotic pet, (whether that be a reptile,bird or large cat), the owner has been MORE than aware of the creature's needs/requirements as they are often a HUGE financial investment right from acquisition! And of course one wants to protect this animal they have put this much time ,energy and love into. I know there are exceptions to this rule but why punish the responsible ones? Especially when they greatly out-weigh the irresponsible?
So I think that before we start banning exotics or even breed specific dog bans,(which is a very similar step), we should have a closer look at how we regulate pets in our Province in general.

Anonymous said...

Some of the banned animals suggested by the BCSPCA and The Vancouver Humane Society include all venomous invertebrates that would mean no more honey bees guess we here in BC. don't need any agriculture no flowers no more pollination of food plants etc. yes sir lets ban everything out there who cares if it will mean a total destruction of the economy and thousands and thousands of jobs lost.just e-mail your mla and say go for it we can all sit on welfare or become homeless.

Anonymous said...

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