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Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Zealand Mayor Calls for End to Rodeos

After recently witnessing the Wanaka Rodeo in New Zealand, John Banks, the Mayor of Auckland, wants to see rodeos banned in the country. I like the eloquence of his statement below.

"Teasing and distressing of these sentient animals for entertainment is unacceptable, undignified and wrong and if we look into our heart most people will agree with me. Someone has got to condemn what is wrong if we are to teach our children what is right. I hope those who witnessed the rodeo will give some thought to the cruelty the animals suffered for their pleasure," he said.

I also liked this statement from the SPCA.

SPCA chief executive Bob Kerridge said he was not in favour of rodeos, which were designed only for human entertainment.

"It's using animals for entertainment purposes and often it's to their detriment. Although they may well say they have animal welfare policies in place it still doesn't negate the situation that here you have grown men trying to be macho over animals and for what purpose other than self-gratification?"

Macho, huh? Perfect wording.

Photo by spacetrig.

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