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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Greenpeace Tries and Fails to Block Japanese Whalers From Refueling

Pretty exciting video, but I understand they only delayed it.

Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd is furious that they failed

The Japanese whaling fleet has moved one step closer to the resumption of killing the whales with the failure by Greenpeace to prevent the refueling of the Nisshin Maru by the Panamanian registered Oriental Bluebird.

"Greenpeace had the opportunity to prevent the refueling. They were there and they allowed the refueling to proceed," said Captain Paul Watson. "That is unforgivable. The reason they gave for backing off was that is was too dangerous. Of course it's dangerous. Stopping the whaling fleet is not a game. If Greenpeace is not willing to take the risks they should at least cooperate with those who are willing to take such risks."

Twice before the Oriental Bluebird has broken off refueling just at the approach of a Sea Shepherd ship.

"We could have been there to stop the refueling but Greenpeace refused to supply the coordinates. This caused us to fall behind a day. We could have had them and we could have stopped them," said Captain Watson. "This refusal by Greenpeace to cooperate with Sea Shepherd is going to get a lot of whales killed and that is unconscionable. It's a disgrace."

Ouch. I don't think that will convince Greenpeace to copperate.

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