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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Europeans Concerned about Biodiversity

Amazing survey showing European concern about the global loss of biodiversity. In contrast, here in the US it seems that all the talk is about global warming while biodiversity loss is grossly overlooked.

An overwhelming majority of Europeans believe that the loss of biological diversity is a serious problem, according to a Eurobarometer survey on attitudes to biodiversity. The survey highlights the concerns of Europeans regarding the decline and extinction of animal and plant species, natural habitats and ecosystems...

Pollution and man-made disasters seen as the biggest threats by Europeans....

For 93% of Europeans, preserving biodiversity is a moral obligation affecting current generations as stewards of nature.

Most surprising to me was that the concern is greatest in Greece, Portugal and Romania. Relative to other European countries, these are poor nations. Conventional wisdom would say that they would be among the least concerned because they would have more economic worries.

Photo by Don Gru.

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