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Monday, January 14, 2008

Mixed Signals from Jamie Oliver

Last week, we posted a story about Jamie Oliver's work in exposing the terrible treatment of factory chickens. (Jamie Oliver is the Naked Chef). That was a good thing. But, now, he's doing some weird stuff.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has electrocuted a chicken and suffocated male chicks on television, outraging animal rights groups.

The slaughter will appear on British television {as part of his show Fowl Dinners}, and is apparently designed to highlight the brutality of battery farming....

"I don't think it is sensational to show people the reality of how chickens live and die at the moment. It may be upsetting for some people, but that's how things are...."

The 32-year-old has become a target for animal rights groups after he cut the throat of a lamb on TV....

Yikes. Are live demonstrations of animal cruelty really necessary? Isn't there enough existing footage out there that you can show instead of creating new scenes?


Photo by Radio 5 live.

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