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Sunday, February 21, 2010

UK Hunting Ban Could Be in Jeopardy

It's been five years since the hunting ban was passed in Britain. It bans fox hunting, hare coursing, and stag hunting. You can still flush a fox out with dogs, but you can't kill it.

If the Tories take over, it could be in real jeopardy. They are totally against the ban.


Anonymous said...

Great to see people posting this because it is a huge threat to our wildlife. The hunts have encouraged foxes to breed, only to use the 'pest control' argument to support their perversion.

There is no case for repeal. Hunt numbers are up all over the country. Drag hunting is legal. The sense of community, pageantry, heritage, and jobs are all still intact and yet these disgraceful people can’t manage to enjoy themselves unless they are terrifying and killing animals.

If you support the hunting act, please get your names on the R.O.A.R. (Register Online Against Repeal), an ‘all party’ list at:
Please make your voices heard!

Hog Hunting Texas said...

It should not be banned it should be limited by protocols.

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