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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Irish Travel Agency Removes Matador from Advertising

The move was in response from pressure from an animal rights group. It's a small step, but every one counts.

From the Irish Times...

THE MATADOR – one of the most abiding and traditional images of Spain – has been removed from advertising by a leading Irish travel company following a protest by animal rights activists.

The Travel Department confirmed that it had used a photograph of a bullfighter in a newspaper advertisement for a holiday in Spain. The ad was seen by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports which contacted the company to object and the company agreed to withdraw the image from its marketing material.

A spokesman for the tour operator said that the image was “part of a library of stock images” of Spain that were used for print and online media advertising. He said it had not “consciously” used “the iconic image” and stressed that visits to bullfights were not included in its itineraries.


Anonymous said...

i am an animal lover, but when do we as humans put an animal over a straving child? an abused childd? a homeless person or child? aneedy person, family, or child? never!!!
but we do. its ashame when inteligent people put animals over people. why not give people the death sentence when they are killed? right now they are trying to make it legal to sue vets, the same as we would do over a human life. how stupid are we, the human race, the inteligent humans? next it will be trees or bugs! i love them too and have feeling for them. but what do i put a value on human life! like i said i love my dog and would do anything for her, but she is an animal and beleive it or not all animals have feeling and show emotions, even a rat and a mouse.

Ana said...

Hm. Not sure how removing a matador from travel advertising means animals are being put before humans. But I'll answer the post anyway.

I think you have created an "either or" scenario that doesn't exist. Compassion should cover all living things. There should be no hierarchy to compassion nor should there be a limit to it.

You seem threatened by the thought that humans will no longer be at the top of the food chain some day. I wouldn't stress about it. The human race is not threatened by compassion to animals, but by the attitude of believing we are the only ones who matter in this world. That attitude has gotten us into serious trouble and I believe it may eventually kill us all.

By the way, it would be interesting to know your individual efforts to help the starving child, abused child, needy person and homeless person that you cite. Hopefully, you are putting your words into genuine action.


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