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Monday, February 22, 2010

ALDF Calling for An Animal Abuser Registry

Here's the email I got from ALDF. It sounds like they are calling for an animal abuse equivalent of the sex offender registry. I think it's a great idea.
Wouldn't you want to know if a violent or repeat animal abuser were living next door to you and your family?

Communities have good reason to be concerned about the whereabouts of animal abusers. In story after heartbreaking story, abusers repeat their violent crimes against helpless animals, and often go on to victimize people as well.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is working to ensure convicted animal abusers are exposed and prevented from harming new victims by promoting model legislation that would establish an animal abuser registry in every community across America.

Go to to sign the petition and demand that your state require animal abusers to register in their communities!

ALDF's proposed abuser registry legislation would require mandatory registration and community notification for convicted animal abusers. These laws would make a dramatic difference in keeping offenders away from potential new victims by allowing animal shelters and humane societies to more thoroughly screen potential adopters-and by alerting the public to their whereabouts.

Today, California Senator Dean Florez has announced that he will be sponsoring abuser registry legislation this session-a bill that he's developed in close collaboration with ALDF experts. But we need much more support, in districts across the nation, to protect all Americans from repeat offender animal abusers.

Animal abuse is not only a danger to our cats, dogs, horses, and other animals, but also to people. Many animal abusers have a history of domestic violence or other criminal activity, and there is a disturbing trend of animal abuse among our country's most notorious serial killers.

Keep your animals and your families safe. Watch our video and demand that your legislators establish an animal abuser registry in your state!


Stephen Wells
Executive Director
Animal Legal Defense Fund


Andrew said...


I am inclined to agree.

Though not on the scale of child abuse, animal abuse is a serious problem, and those who are prone to the mistreatment of animals should be subject to certain restrictions, especially in the areas of adoption or ownership of pets or participation in sports, industries or activities involving a high level of animal contact.

The only way in which this could be effectively implemented would be via a state or national registry.

Ana said...

Thanks Andrew. Although I would be interested to know how many child abusers are also linked to animal abuse. It may be a much bigger problem that many think.

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