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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sierra Leone's Elephant Population Near Extinction

Be warned. Awful picture here.

Again, it's all about the damn ivory.


Bea Elliott said...

Awful, you're right... But more accurately:
It's all about the damn money.

Ana said...

I stand corrected. You're right.

Bea Elliott said...

Oh Ana! I didn't mean to "correct" you... Only to expound.

I think this killing for ivory exists because of the impoverishment of the "poachers" and the extreme excesses of the buyers.

I see the inequities even in the human organ markets... Enough money will buy anything! :(

Ana said...

No worries! I didn't take it that way. I should have added a smiley face at the end of my comment. :-)

I actually do think you nailed this correctly though. I was just agreeing. Everything does come down to money.

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