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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Appeal Denied for Six Activists Convicted Under AEPA

It was a 2-1 decision by the US Court of Appeals.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer...
Six members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty were convicted at a 2006 trial in New Jersey of conspiracy to violate the 1992 Animal Enterprise Protection Act. The law, since revised, aimed to protect animal research laboratories from illegal, sometimes violent protests.

The group was formed to protest the activities of Huntingdon Life Sciences in Franklin Township, N.J. The company had been a target of animal activists since video footage surfaced on television in the 1990s depicting animal abuse at its laboratory in the United Kingdom.

Huntingdon used mostly mice and rats , but also some dogs, monkeys, fish and guinea pigs , in its research in New Jersey.

The activists posted the home addresses of Huntingdon officials and contractors on the group's Web site, and harassment, vandalism and violence sometimes followed.

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Andrew said...


Much as I feel that concern for the rights of animals used as lab rights is more than understandable (and certainly justified in many cases) practices such as the release of personal information about individuals represents an irresponsible breach of privacy.

The group would have no doubt been more than aware of the potential of the release of this information could have serious consequences with regard to the security of the individuals concerned.

Sounds like they were pretty irresponsible, even if their intentions may have been noble.

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