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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Student Researcher Says "Hooray for Animal Research"

This kid is a biochem major at the University of Southern Mississippi. He's helping to investigate possible drug cures for obesity.

Listen to this...

Freeman says that the most difficult thing he has encountered so far in his research comes not from the lab, but from people’s attitudes about animal testing. He said this research, along with other research that could vastly improve human quality of life, could absolutely not be done without animal testing, and wishes more people understood that “animal research is not cruel or inhumane, it benefits us all.”

Interesting that animal research is not cruel or inhumane because it benefits US. Does it benefit the animals? Why do humans always have to get everything we want and we have to do it at the pain and expense of animals?

And by the way, I can tell you the cure for obesity. Diet (eat less!), exercise (walk more!) and counseling to ease off the psychological dependence on food. Drugs are not the cure for everything, although they are very profitable for whoever licenses them.

Another young person indoctrinated by the animal researchers.


Andrew said...


You hit the nail right on the head with your last point. There never has been, and never will be, a better way to prevent or cure obesity than through simple habits of healthy lifestyle. No amount of animal testing will change that.

Beyond that, as you are no doubt already aware, my thoughts on animal testing are that whilst medical research is important: (a) animal testing should be used only when there is genuinely no other alternative; (b) the scientific community should work to develop viable alternatives in areas where none exist; and (c) animals should not be subject to any more discomfort than is absolutely necessary.

(I realize that my point of view probably differs from yours in this regard)

Although I can appreciate the benefits of medical research, I have little regard for the viewpoints of those who, like this student, do not appreciate that animals have rights as well.

Ana said...

Wow! While you're right, we don't agree 100 percent on this matter, there is a lot of common ground between us. I appreciate your thoughtful response and wish more people would think about this difficult issue.

If we can turn women into men and men into women, if we can send satellites into space, surely we can find a substitute for animal testing. Humans have the imagination to do anything we want to do. We only need the will to do so.

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