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Monday, October 19, 2009

Aussies Deny Foot-Dragging in Sea Shepherd Visas

The Australian government has denied accusations that they are delaying Visa applications for Sea Shepherd crew.
In response, Australian immigration has stated, “our standard procedure is to follow-up certain matters disclosed to the department in a visa application, and that’s what is occurring.”

The department went on to state that the delay may be linked to the fact that Watson is applying to enter Australia on a short-term business visa, rather than a tourist visa, with which he previously entered the country.

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Andrew said...

Mr. Barky,

I certainly hope that Watson's visa is not being unduly delayed as any form of measure towards appeasing Japan. Unfortunately, with Japan as Australia's second biggest export destination (behind China), I suspect that this may be the case, and that Australian officials would be somewhat sensitive toward any issue which is likely to disrupt our relationship with the Japanese.

Mr. Watson's work in terms of whale protection is very important, and I certainly hope that he and his crew are able to oppose the Japanese fleet without any form of undue hindrance.

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