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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Atttorney's File Motion to Dismiss Charges Against AETA 4

Attorney's for 4 people accused under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act filed a motion to have the charges dismissed. Among the activities the 4 are charged with are writing in chalk on a sidewalk and distributing leaflets. From the press release:
“To characterize protest and speech as terrorist activities is ludicrous,” said Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) cooperating attorney Matthew Strugar. “And it is not just animal rights activists who are in danger here. The AETA is so broad and unclear it could be used to suppress lawful protests and boycotts by any activists across the spectrum, no matter what the issue. The law must be struck down.”

The activists, Joseph Buddenberg, Maryam Khajavi, Nathan Pope and Adriana Stumpo, referred to as the AETA 4, were indicted for alleged conspiracy to commit “animal enterprise terrorism” as a result of their alleged participation in conduct including protesting, writing with chalk on the sidewalk, chanting, leafleting, and the use of “the Internet to find information on bio-medical researchers.” These activities are protected by the First Amendment.
Chanting? I have to say, this is pretty lame. Blowing things up or burning down buildings is one thing, but writing things on the sidewalk?

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Bea Elliott said...

Oh... what we've compromised with the AETA! It's back-door tyranny. From what I understand... if it can be proved that activism caused $10,000 profit loss to any business... those offenses qualify you as a "terrorist".

No whistle blowing on any misconduct in the animal user businesses... Under threat of imprisonment, it's best to stay quiet - for sure. A "gag gift" courtesy of the previous administration.

I'd love to see it overturned... it trivializes our freedoms - What a sad joke on us... to silence messages - written in chalk.

You are right to be outraged!

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