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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Animal Hoarding is a Serious Issue

Animal hoarding is a pretty serious act that causes untold suffering for animals.

From an article in, of all places, "Farm and Dairy: The Auction Guide and Rural Marketplace:"

...there are probably several factors that go into how a person develops into an animal hoarder, but “we think it may be related to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.”

Because the stereotype of a little old lady walking into a court room to face several counts of animal abuse tends to make judges and juries feel sympathetic for the “criminal,” the legal system rarely prosecutes these people.

Unfortunately, “just one hoarder can cause tremendous suffering to animals,” notes LaFarge.

It’s not just one animal that was abused or neglected, it is usually hundreds that have suffered in deplorable conditions, many of these animals enduring a slow and painful death.

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Andrew said...


This is certainly a serious problem, and anyone who takes on ownership of any pet should not do so unless they are sufficiently capable of providing the animal concerned with their basic requirements.

I suspect that many of these people may be lonely.

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