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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bullfights to Become Late Night TV in Portugal

This all happened due to a Portuguese law that prohibits violent programming from being shown that kids can watch.
RTP, Portugal’s state-owned TV station, has been ordered by a Lisbon court to cease, with immediate effect, the screening of early evening bullfights, in effect, bring bullfights on television on a par with programmes that contain extreme violence or sex.

The ground-breaking verdict states that the only opportunity people will have to watch a bullfight on television will be between 10.30 pm and 6am.

The court order follows action taken by Portuguese animal rights group ANIMAL.

This injunction was based on a general rule established in the Portuguese Law of Television which prohibits TV stations from broadcasting programmes which can be deemed to negatively influence the personality of children and teenagers.
Interesting. I saw quite a few early evening bullfights on RTP when we were in the Azores.

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