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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RSPCA Collects 68,000 Signatures Supporting an End to Animal Research

That's an even larger number if you realize that each signature probably represents a few non-signers who feel the same way.

I really believe the more people learn about what research animals go through, the more common decency becomes a factor. The problem is that people don't really look at the pictures, read the stories or think about what's happening. They are too disturbed, frightened, or threatened to do so. But how many animal research supporters (non-scientists) actually step into a room and observe an experiment? How many of them actually see these animals in the labs?

That's why so many people don't want to talk about these issues. It upsets them. But their silence and cluelessness is essentially their consent.

collected these signatures leading up to the the 7th World Congress on Alternatives & Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Rome.

[The conference] began on the 30th of August and runs until the 3rd of September, two members of the RSPCA’s Research Animals Department are attending the event together with worldwide representatives of NGOs, industry and science as well as authorities and decision-makers.

68,315 people signed an online RSPCA petition stating "We, the undersigned, call on the British Government to work towards ending the use of animals in experiments, replacing them with humane alternatives."

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Bea Elliott said...

Well that's good news... In the meantime a research lab in Oregon is requesting "stimulus money" to expand:

I swear, it's like trying to stop a wildfire with spit sometimes. :(

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