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Friday, September 4, 2009

ALF Activist Pleads Guilty in Utah to Damaging Mink Farm

A man in Utah has pled guilty to "interfering with an animal enterprise" in federal court.
The raid to which Viehl pleaded guilty took place at the McMullin mink farm in South Jordan in August 2008. Rydalch said the raid consisted of releasing minks and spray-painting parts of the farm, including a barn. She said the plea agreement "stated the damage and loss to real and personal property at the farm exceeded $10,000."
Spray painting a barn? Wow, good thing the feds were on this instead of the local cops.


TWM said...

You idiots. I live in South Jordan and have run over one of the released minks and had to kill another that was attacking a pet of mine having killed another. Apparently, the mink was starving having been "set free" one month earlier.

I am against the breeding of animals solely for the fur. However, the means to limit this is not to release the animals into another sure death environment.

Don't be idiots.

mrbarky said...

I don't disagree. I do however think it's stupid to lump them in with terrorist for stuff like this.

TWM said...

mrbarky: I would not classify them as terrorist because, well, they aren't terrifying. They're stupid.

Minks are not native to Utah and to release them into a suburban neighborhood in this climate would, at best, lead to a long and slow death for the animals plus endangering pets and children in the neighborhood.

Stupidity isn't terrifying. It leads to terrible events, though.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with farming animals for fur. Man has been doing it for thousands of years and now Bob Barker says its wrong means nothing. It makes no sence to abuse an animal farmed because it lessens the value of it and decreases profits. Don't be STUPID!

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