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Friday, July 31, 2009

Stupid Seattle Seahawks Fans Would Take "Sick Vick"

Sometimes I can't believe the stupidity and callousness of people. An informal poll shows that 51 percent of Seattle Seahawks fans would actually welcome Vick to the team.

Talk about desperation to win something at any cost. What a pathetic bunch.

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Andrew said...


I can certainly understand your frustration in this regard, and I, too, am somewhat disappointed by the result of this poll.

I would have thought that he would be a simple embarrassment to any team that took him on, including the Seahawks.

The organization of dog-fighting rings represents a simply atrocious crime, and whilst I do support the general principle associated with second chances, those who play a professional sport should expect that criminal actions may have consequences for their playing careers which extend beyond any criminal punishment to which they may be subject.

Yes, Vick has served his time and endured his punishment, and in general, he should now be allowed to get on with his life.

But he should not be welcomed back as a professional football player.

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