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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bubbles the Chimp Resurfaces

I had forgotten all about Michael Jackson and his chimp Bubbles whom he rescued from a research facility. Apparently, Bubbles is now 26 years old and living at an animal sanctuary. He got too aggressive to live with Jackson's kids.

This is not surprising. Chimpanzees, like Travis the chimp who mauled the woman in Connecticut, are not meant to be family pets. They are wild creatures and their psychology must suffer from these abnormal arrangements.

Well, supposedly there's a film and book deal pending. Who will benefit from all this? His new trainer? But I thought he was at an animal sanctuary? He should just be left alone.

Another piece of the Jackson mess.

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Andrew said...


As sad as I was to hear about Michael Jackson and his recent death - any death at his age is an absolute tragedy, regardless of however anyone felt about him - I am inclined to agree with your comments in this regard.

Not knowing a great deal about Chimpanzees and their nature, I am not in a position to make informed comment with regard to the issue of keeping them as pets, although I would certainly not imagine that the process of placing any animal in an environment which is unnatural to it would be particularly healthy for the animal concerned.

But surely the life of this particular Chimpanzee has been subject to enough human influence already, and I certainly agree with your viewpoint about him being left alone.

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