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Monday, December 1, 2008

Support Animals Asia

I recently wrote my first check to Animals Asia. They are doing very important work on animal welfare in Asia. I especially appreciate the work they do on those horrific bear bile farms that are really just a form of torture for the animal.

In a nutshell, here they are.

Our Mission
"The mission of the Animals Asia Foundation is to improve the lives of all animals in Asia, end cruelty and restore respect for animals Asia-wide."

Our Vision
Change for all animals, inspired by empathy for the few.

Our animal ambassadors embody the ideal that empathy for one animal can evolve into empathy for an entire species and ultimately for all species.

Our Approach
The Animals Asia Foundation, managed by professionals, resident in Asia, is committed to forging constructive solutions to the seemingly insurmountable problems which the animals face in today's changing environment. Implementation is through a dynamic three-pronged approach:

Investigation: Using the latest veterinary techniques, animal care and conservation science, our network of field officers target countries in Asia, identifying local needs and finding solutions for the animals.

Negotiation: Cultivating sensitive communication and cooperation with governments to open the door to visionary win-win solutions.

Education: Creating inspired grass roots programmes within the community, which spark far reaching change in people's attitudes, thus motivating them to co-exist peacefully with animals.

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