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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jamie Foxx: Something Stupid This Way Comes

Jamie Foxx opens his mouth again. This time it's an exceptionally irresponsible, ignorant comment, especially considering the recent news about the growth in dogfighting in Texas.

As the quest for the first dog continues, Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx thinks he's come up with the perfect solution for the President-elect and his family.

"A pitbull," the entertainer said.

"(I'm) trying to pick out Barack Obama's Christmas puppy right now, so we're working hard on that," he joked. "I think I'm going to get him a pitbull, we just got to keep it street."

I know he likes to shock people, but it's irritating. He's promoting the idea that a pitbull is not a pet, but a symbol of "street" cred. The subtext is that it's how you reflect your manhood. Young people hear that kind of talk and believe it.

Dogfighting will continue as long as this stupid meme of pits being a public display of men's genitalia continues. And as long as people like Jamie Foxx keep shooting off their mouths with such ideas.

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