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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Retailer Pulls Vick Jerseys After Complaint..Wait, What?

Who would be dumb enough to still be selling Vick jerseys? Why that would be Bealls Outlet Stores. No doubt going after the coveted football loving animal abuser fan base.
Hannah Tostensen, director of the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia, and Lisa Norton, president of Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment in Brunswick, complained to Bealls' corporate office in Bradenton, Fla., earlier this month after finding replicas of Vick's No. 7 jersey being sold at stores in Darien and Waycross in southeast Georgia.

"It is unfathomable to me that any reputable store would market an item that symbolizes the heinous crime of dogfighting," Tostensen wrote in an e-mail to Bealls.
Update- OK,I'm being unfair about the supporting animal abuse part. I do, however, think it was a little strange not to notice this considering Vick is already in jail for this.

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Bill said...

The response to the Michael Vick jersey is understandable. For the record, please know that the buyer who purchased this Falcons buy specifically requested no Michael Vick number. The vendor failed to do so. The moment we learned of the situation, the item was pulled from the floor and destroyed.

Bill Webster, Bealls Inc.

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