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Monday, May 26, 2008

Menu Foods Agrees to $24 Million Settlement

Good news. I hope this is a good chunk out of their profits.

Pet owners impacted by the massive Menu Foods tainted pet food recall of last year will soon be making a trip to their bank, provided a US $24 million dollar settlement offer is approved by the courts.

The pact was agreed to in principle back in April. However, on May 22nd came the signal that an agreement with all parties had been reached, subject to court approval, which is expected this Friday.

If approved, any and all pet owners impacted by the Menu pet food recall will be eligible for compensation for any, and all documented expenses related to the illness, or death of their pet—including veterinarian bills, or burial costs. Pet owners who may have been forced, or elected to take time off work could also expect compensation for time lost on the job. Burial expenses would also be covered.

For anyone without documented expenses, consumers can expect to be reimbursed for up to $900.

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