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Thursday, October 4, 2007

PETA Begs K-Fed: Take Britney's Dogs

TMZ has the story

Dear Mr. Federline:

We know that this is a particularly difficult time for you and your children. We are writing to you today to urge you to amend your filing with the court to also seek consideration for your children's bond with the companion animals they have come to know and to request that the judge also grant you custody of these animals.

Is is no secret that Ms. Spears' impetuous "pet" purchases and lack of caretaking skills have been a serious concern of ours, in addition to being a source of public criticism. In 2006, Ms. Spears was the "overwhelming choice" for worst celebrity dog owner in a poll conducted by the New York Dog and the Hollywood Dog magazines. This past summer, Ms. Spears bought a Yorkshire terrier puppy from a pet store on impulse, only to casually tote the pup--London--around like an accessory. In recent weeks, the Los Angeles SPCA has investigated reports of Ms. Spears' failure to provide adequate veterinary care for the tiny dog after he apparently suffered a fractured leg after being stepped on.

As a father, your main concern is the comfort and stability of your children. London and the other animals whom the boys consider to be a part of the family have provided that comfort and stability. The companionship of beloved companion animals can make a world of difference for the boys during this difficult time, and being separated from the animal friends whom they share a bond with is undoubtedly traumatic for them.

For the sake of your children and the animals who are at risk while in Ms. Spears' custody, we hope that you will do the right and best thing for all involved and pursue a custody order for the animals so that your sons can continue to have the company of the animals they've grown to adore. If you have any other thoughts, we stand ready to assist you in placing the animals in a loving environment.


Ingrid Newkirk

I can't tell what's worse, the faux concern for the kids or the run-on sentences.

A loving home. Maybe they can place them with this guy.

Ah celebrity publicity. Like a moth to a porchlight...

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Anonymous said...

Re-posting a well-written and obviously edited letter (run-on sentences? you need to go back to school) and adding two meaningless vitriolic comments is pointless. It's also a waste of time to anyone who thinks you might actually have something to say, so please stop posting your own blogs on Digg. It's annoying.

Furthermore, if you'd ever had animals as a kid, you'd know it IS traumatic to have them taken away from you. Those kids don't need that stress on top of everything else. These people have heart, for animals AND people. At least try to have a heart for one of the two, won't you? Thx

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