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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Animal Rights Activists Tamper With Medication in Spain

The company targeted is Novaritus, which makes an anti-inflammatory called Voltaren. This is, I believe, the second time this company has been targeted. According to the "communique":

"During the morning of Saturday the 29th of September several groups of activists acted in 6 cities against the multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis. This company is directly tied to the animal experimentation laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences, in which premises it has been recorded with hidden camera how vivisectors cut open still conscious monkeys without anesthesia and punched puppies in the face.

Novartis knows perfectly what is happening there but refuses to cut its ties. For that reason we have been forced to try new methods. 41 tubes of Voltaren have been contaminated with acid. We have gone to 6 different cities, bought in chemists shops Voltaren tubes and after leaving the shops we returned saying that we didnt need them, but this time giving them the polluted tubes. There's no difference between the contaminated ones from the original ones so if we were Novartis we would change every tube of Voltarem.

Here is what Voltaren is.

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