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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Animal Trophies Gaining Popularity in Wales

Looks like some are decorating their homes with stuffed animals to get that "vintage" look.

FORGET minimalism – the new trend for our homes will be antique furniture, ostentatious wallpaper and even stuffed animals, an interior designer claimed last night.

The lost art of taxidermy is coming back from the dead as homeowners tire of the minimalist look in their houses, according to auctioneers who have reported a surge in sales of such items to fuel a demand for decor with a more vintage look.

In Victorian times stuffed animals were so popular that every town had a taxidermist.

But the rise of the animal rights movement and vegetarianism made taxidermy as unpopular as fur coats, and thousands of stuffed birds and mammals were discarded.

Photo by Equality

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Living room furniture said...

This is really surprising since hunting has been given such a bad reputation at the moment (especially/obviously fox hunting).
Thanks for the tip. Very interesting.

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