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Monday, June 7, 2010

Why I Question Animal Testing 2.0

I'm updating this rant from a few years ago regarding why I question animal testing. I'll probably do this in a series of posts because I just can't seem to sit down for long periods of time to write.

I get frustrated when people accept a scientist's opinion in support of animal testing simply because that person is a scientist. I think one should try to understand that scientist's motivations. For whom do they work? Do they work for a drug company that tests on animals? Is their job therefore dependent on that company's success? Or do they work for a university which is dependent on grant dollars for research involving animals? It's very difficult to buck the system when your livelihood is at stake.

(to be continued)

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Andrew Heaton said...


I can see that scientists do face a considerable degree of pressure with regard to any public statements they make on this topic, and I couldn't imagine any of them as employees taking a public stand against the interests of their employer.

This is not to say that their opinions are not valid. Indeed, they are valid, it's just that they cannot be taken to be entirely objective.

I look forward to reading more from you in this in future posts.