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Friday, November 27, 2009

Pork Industry Tries to Deal with Public Image

Every time I get depressed about animal issues (every other day it seems like), I see an article like this. Now, it may see like it would add to more depression, but it actually makes me feel a little better.

It's an article about the pork industry having to address the increasingly positive media image of pigs as intelligent creatures that could be someone's pet. The fact that this discussion warrants an article in the Des Moines Register means that there is some movement on this front and and it causes the pork industry concern.

On Wednesday, I almost lost my temper with some people in our customer service unit who wondered why anyone would want a turkey to have a good life before death...."it's just a turkey." And, of course, this view of farm animals is the norm. But small cracks like those hinted at in this article give me tiny room for an almost imperceptible pause.

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Bea Elliott said...

Articles like this make me feel better too. If only in a tiny way, I see that we are making a dent - And exposing the chink in their armor. :)

Funny though... This spokesperson (and minister) Wes Jamison tried saying a year or so ago, that it was a "religious duty" to use (eat) animals. He's a total flake.

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