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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Europeans Continue to Search for Alternatives to Animal Research....Why Not Americans?

I just don't understand it. Is there a different culture regarding animals in Europe? They have drug companies that are just as powerful as those here. Is public outcry greater? Are animal rights organizations more effective? Are politicians more willing to act? What gives?

From Cordis News...
At a conference in Brussels, Belgium on 6 November, European Commission Vice-President G√ľnter Verheugen, and Science and Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik restated the EU's commitment to the reduction of animal testing.

Industry representatives were also present at the conference, which was held as part of the European Partnership on Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA). The EPAA was created in 2005 and is an unprecedented collaboration between science and industry to reduce animal suffering in scientific tests.

The aims of the EPAA are based on the '3Rs' of replacement, reduction and refinement. To enable this new approach to be developed, the European Commission and companies that are members of the EPAA are working hard to initiate novel methods of research and technology transfer that will reduce the need for animal testing.

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Andrew said...


Whatever the reason it is not being done in America, it is pleasing to see Europe taking affirmative steps toward the development of alternatives in this regard.

Some of the alternative methodologies or practices which come out of the process in Europe might well become widely adopted in the states. We can only hope that that is indeed the case.

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