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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seal Meat Served in Canada

Definitely a niche market,but demand has been increasing. And this is despite the bad press received by the annual seal hunts.
For time immemorial seal has been eaten -- raw -- as a traditional food by indigenous people such as the Inuit.

It also has been a traditional food for generations of hunters in Canada's east who serve it up roasted, or sometimes with a hearty Burgundy sauce.

Now, rustic seal has been carted out by back-to-basics foodies dressed up as a gourmet delight, particularly inspiring diners in mostly French-speaking Quebec province, where there is a devoted food-lovers' culture.

Many diners are huge fans of its taste, describing the mammal's meat as somewhere between duck and veal.


Toronto Real Estate said...

I'm glad the meat production is limited to such short numbers and the limitation that the meat has to come out of a slaughterhouse is a good thing too. If the limits weren't set for this delicate meal, I believe the number of seals would drastically drop down. I bet some people still find it wrong and disgusting but it's just another type of meat. Thanks for the article.

Take care, Elli

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