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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Contrarian Nonsense About the Seal Slaughter

Ah, nothing like a column defending baby sea killers to get the blood going.
WHO could defend the slaughter of 300,000 harp, hooded and grey seals by hook-wielding hunters out to make a quick buck from the seals' pelts?

I could. The increasingly shrill condemnation of Canada's seal cull is based on a view of humans as bloodthirsty destroyers of nature. I would rather stand with the seal bashers than with these people bashers.
And so it goes. British journalist Brendan O'Neill talks about how the seals enjoy the great outdoors before being clubbed to death, and how nothing could be better for them then to be "made into something beautiful".

In short, it's a troll intended to piss people off. How shocking! How edgy! Somehow I doubt he gives this issue much thought other then not liking those that do care. It's the same attitude that makes US Republicans deny global warming just to make the Democrats angry. So, he pens this little poisonous article to see what kind of reaction he can get. Yawn.

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Andrew said...


Based upon your description, it does not sound like Mr. O'Neill is the type of journalist who would do a great deal for me, and his approach toward his column does not sound particularly purposeful.

He should either cover the topic properly or find a topic which he can write something interesting about.

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