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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, Old Cat

So, Charlotte the Cat Queen is an ongoing saga. In 2007, she was diagnosed with pyothorax and was hospitalized for almost a week. Then in April 2008, we were told she had terminal cancer. So we waited for her to die for about 8 months.

In December, she had serious trouble breathing so we rushed her to the emergency vet again. They determined that she was not terminal because 1) she was still alive and 2) she had no weight loss. Without cutting her open though, all we could know was that she had limited lung capacity due to something, whether scar tissue, a tumor, or an infection. We chose not to cut her open and take our chances.

We brought her home and on New Year's Day (of course!) she came down with the same breathing problems. It was a horrible night, but she made it through the night and recovered at our regular vet's.

Now she is on THREE medications that seems to work and that cat is HELL to medicate. She is on Clavamox, Prednisolone, and Terbutaline. For a sick ratty old cat, she is very strong and stubborn. It takes two of us to wrastle that gator to the ground.

So, the saga continues.........

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