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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin Scares Me

I'll be honest. I was never planning on voting for John McCain in the first place. But I wasn't freaked out about this election the way I am now. I thought that if we could survive 8 years of w, we could survive 4 years of McCain. He couldn't be worse.

Then he picked this woman. And the more I learn, the worse it gets.

NOW, I'm freaked out.

I can't tell if she's a true fanatic or an opportunist that acts like a fanatic. But fanatical behavior is fanatical behavior no matter what. And all I see in this woman is cruelty and callousness that puts Dick Cheney to shame.

Don't get me wrong, Cheney is a dark, cruel man. But, for the purposes of this blog, 1) his attention never completely turned to wildlife and the environment and 2) he is a smart man that knew how to play his cards.

I believe Palin will happily support Cheney's inhumane policies on torture and attacking other countries. When it comes to wildlife and the environment (to which I'll limit myself in this post) I think she will also have a strong motivation to continue and EXPAND her Alaska policies. I believe she will be an even MORE anti-environmental voice in the White House. If fact, I believe she'll be a passionate advocate because it will be an opportunity to punish the "liberals" who challenged her and called her a "redneck." I also believe that there will be absolutely no thought behind any of her behavior. Anyone who challenged w's environmental policies as too liberal is a true hater of anything she can't eat or kill for fur. Sorry, but it's how I feel.

Palin truly shows that you shouldn't support a woman because she's a woman. The traditional (some say stereotypical) qualities of compassion, cooperation, empathy, and intuition are missing. She represents a part of the American society that fears everything and wants to turn back the clock. Keep women in their place and remember to hunt and kill the wolves and any other animal that gets in their way. The woods are a scary place and must be cut down and tamed.

She is the worst America has to offer and she scares the hell out of me.

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qboeast said...

Very well stated!

I too was never going to vote for MCain but would not be that upset if he won because I never thought he'd be a s bad as "W". But once McCain selected Palin, I became frightened.

In my view this woman is bad news! And I can't seem to see why so many people are enamored by her.

The original poster is dead on, even if her demeanor is an "act" it is still bad news and perhaps worse than being a right wing nut case.

I am a scientist for a living and I fear that our great country is turning into a dimmed lamp to the dark ages. Her position on creationism is all that needs to be said of how dangerous she is.

I find Sarah Palin to be despicable, duplicitous and vengeful.

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