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Friday, September 19, 2008

Prop 2 Opponents Accused of Laundering Money

This news is from early September and is reported by Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society.

YES! on Prop 2 - Californians for Humane Farms - has uncovered an election scam and is charging the measure’s opponents with laundering money in violation of state campaign finance laws.

In a complaint filed September 3 with California’s Fair Political Practices Commission, YES! on Prop 2 charges that the United Egg Producers (UEP), the No on 2 campaign, and its donors are concealing out-of-state contributions to the political campaign against Prop 2, in clear violation of California campaign finance laws.

These Prop 2 opponents are laundering donations through a trade association, and sidestepping California campaign finance laws that exist to allow the public to understand what groups and individuals are financing political campaigns. These disreputable tactics and deception should not be tolerated either by state authorities or by the voters—and indeed, these donors could face fines and criminal prosecution for concealing out-of-state agribusiness money.

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