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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Janet Jackson Continues as Spokesperson for Mink Fur Company

What is the attraction of fur? I just don't get it. Wear your own damn skin! I'm disappointed in Janet Jackson and am totally taking her stuff off Rhapsody. No way will I add Jennifer Lopez either.

Excerpted from Popcrush...
Janet Jackson will reprise her role as the spokesmodel for Blackglama’s ‘What Becomes a Legend Most’ ad campaign. Jackson was named a ‘Legend’ in last year’s campaign, as well, so this is familiar territory for her....

The new ads will begin running this fall, with the debut image landing the September issue of W. The black and white image to the left shows Jackson in a catsuit, looking fierce as ever.

In case you were not aware of what exactly Blackglama is, we’ll tell you. The Seattle-based company supplies “the finest, most luxurious and exclusive ranch-raised natural black mink.” Given the fact that Jackson is representing a company that traffics in the fur trade, animal rights activists might get their feathers ruffled by Jackson’s continued associations with a luxe fur brand. Jennifer Lopez has dealt with the same criticisms for her repeated wearing of fur products


Anonymous said...

Fur is luxurious and warm and cozy. I don't have any fur but if someone bought it for me i'd Wear it, it's not a crime.

Ana said...

Sure, you can wear it anytime you want. If it weren't a crime, I'd certainly wear your skin if I could. Kind of like a windbreaker!

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