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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grey2K Video Exposes Cruelty at Tucson Greyhound Park

Grey2K is a greyhound advocacy group. Here is the link to the video showing kennel conditions. They had professional investigators there last summer.

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karynzoldan said...

Thank you for sharing the disgusting video of what racing greyhounds in Tucson Greyhound Park endure.

Greyhound racing is a cruel sport where dogs are injured and run for their lives.

The video demonstrates that dogs are confined in small dark spaces and muzzled too. Racing greyhounds are subject to eating RAW 4D meat (dead, dying, diseased, and downer). The FDA does not condone 4D meat.

The dogs must run for their lives then suffer injuries. Many will be euthanized.

In Tucson dogs race in 100-degree heat in the summer.

Greyhound racing must end. It's down there with the cruel sport of dog fighting.

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