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Monday, May 10, 2010

Canada Fears Oil Spills in its Own Waters

They should fear oil spills because, I'm sorry, Canada is not the best in terms of environmental safeguards, laws or requirements.

They've had oil spills before, but nowhere near the scale of the one in the Gulf of Mexico. The industry is not as developed, but it's heading in that direction. It would therefore benefit the Canadians to prepare. As long as they allow offshore oil drilling, a massive spill is a definite possibility.

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Andrew said...


Couldn't agree more,

Recent events in the U.S are a perfect example of the consequences when something like this goes wrong.

Prevention is better than cure, and Canadians would be wise to take a good hard long look at the lessons (both technical and otherwise) learnt through the BP catastrophe.

Better to prepare now (and take appropriate preventative measures) than to clean up later.

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