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Monday, March 1, 2010

Spanish Woman Leave $3M Euros to Save Lynx

Specifically, the near-extinct Iberian Lynx. I know people will whine about why she didn't leave the money to human causes, but I'm proud that she did it. I'm especially proud that she is Spanish.

I get so tired of people calling for money to human charities. Humans control the frigging WORLD. They run the governments, they run businesses, they run everything. And they still don't have enough money! That's a problem with humans as a species, not with specific people like this woman. They are a tiny minority. Stop blaming general human selfishness on people like her.


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Andrew Heaton said...


What this woman did was very noble and honorable, and absolutely no one has the right to judge her for how she chose to allocate her hard-earned money.

She deserves respect and admiration for her donation toward a cause that she feels strongly about.

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