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Friday, July 24, 2009

Vick May Be Allowed Back Into NFL

According to the Post, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is considering letting him in with a whopping four game suspension. This is just speculative at this point, but it sounds like he is leaning towards letting him play again. Of course, I wonder which NFL team will want him...
53. In or about March 2003, PEACE, after consulting with VICK about the losing female pit bull's condition, executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.
And then there's this:
83. In or about April 2007, PEACE, PHILLIPS and VICK executed approximately 8 dogs that did not perform well in "testing" sessions at 1915 Moonlight Road by various methods including hanging, drowning, and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground.
Sounds almost like they were making a game out of it. I understand, as one sports columnist said, that the man has a right to make a living. I just don't think he should be in the NFL.

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