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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Animal Enterprise Terrorism Something to Be Concerned About

Here's a short analysis of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act which makes me wonder if what we do on this blog could be construed as falling under it.

From CAPS are my emphasis

Under the law, an animal enterprise includes any business that deals in animal research or uses or sells animal products. This could be read as anything from a lab conducting medical research on monkeys to a gas station that sells beef jerky.

Terrorism under this law might be defined as anything from physical harm to a person, the threat of physical harm to a person, physical harm to property, or, most tellingly, A LOSS OF PROFIT -- OR ANY ATTEMPT OR CONSPIRE TO INTERFERE OR DAMAGE AN ANIMAL ENTERPRISE IN ANY WAY, EVEN IF NO ECONOMIC DAMAGE ACTUALLY OCCURS. To be charged under this federal law, like most federal laws, you have to have crossed state lines, used interstate mail, or used the internet in the commission of the crime. If you and a friend GO ON THE WEB AND RESEARCH THE COMPANY whose practices you plan to protest, you may have just become a terrorist.

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