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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Breeders Also Supply Universities with Research Animals

I guess I'm living in a cave. I didn't know that there were specific breeders out there producing animal subjects for medical research. According to this article, some are so bad that the University of California and the University of Cincinnati have actually decided to end their relationships with them and stop purchasing animals bred for research use.

So, does this mean they are getting animals from shelters instead? I didn't really understand the second half of the article.....

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Andrew said...


I must also be living in that same cave, since I had not previously heard about this particular practice either.

Although I empathize with your views about the whole animal testing debate, I would have thought that if you were going to use animals for testing purposes, it would be better to use animals which were especially bred for these purposes rather than taking animals from the wild.

That said, under absolutely no circumstances should universities purchase animals from breeders whose operational standards are so poor, and I am glad that the universities concerned have elected to cease the practice on the basis of these concerns.

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