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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Travis the Chimp is the Victim

There has been so much said about Travis the chimp this week. It's 1) a gory story with 2) the bizarre tie-in to the New York Post's inexplicable use of Travis' image in a cartoon about the stimulus package. (What were they thinking?)

That image was wrong on so many levels. But let's stick to the animal rights issue. His death was a tragedy and should not be mocked. Nor should the woman who was attacked. This is serious stuff.

His owner, crazy Sandra Herrold, should be prosecuted and made to pay medical costs for the victim. And Connecticut needs to pass some serious laws to stop this kind of ridiculous behavior.

She dressed Travis in some pants and shirt, gave him wine and, possibly, Xanax (now she denies it?) Are you kidding me? This animal was seriously compromised by being in unnatural conditions and given unnatural substances. She actually thought he was her son??

What is sad is that Travis' mother was also shot and killed for aggressive behavior. But see what kind of conditions SHE was in...

The bizarre incident in April 2001 began when the trio of apes broke out of Mike and Connie Casey's compound, the Missouri Primate Foundation. In addition to running a business that supplied simians for parties, the couple bred and sold chimps, sources say.

Cruel and insane. As bad as it is, let's not the New York Post idiocy overwhelm the fact that this is a sad and inexcusable tragedy.

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