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Monday, February 16, 2009

Get Ready for the Kenny Glenn Apologists

I'm thinking they'll start coming out tomorrow.

It will fall into two camps.

1) Poor, poor Kenny Glenn. He's just a poor screwed up kid with low self-esteem. He needs a second chance to rehabilitate himself. He's a young boy who made one mistake.


What, are you kidding me? It's just a cat. Why should we care so much about a cat and not about the abuse of a child? Are cats more important than people? What kind of world is this?

We saw it with Michael Vick and we'll see it with this kid.

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Anonymous said...

Found on some updated blog that following the incident 02/09 the Sheriff took the cats to 2 vets of his choice. X-rays and medical reports from 2 vets indicated no scratches, no bruises, no tenderness, two healthy cats. Because cats were healthy showing no harm they could not be taken from family but the family still chose to rehome them. They have been adopted together to a loving home early part of 03/09. Word is that Dusty and Patches are very happy & doing well. Boys are receiving appropriate punishment.

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