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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Canada and Greenland Defend Seal Hunting

Oh, yeah, I forgot about Greenland. They are testifying with Canada against an EU ban on seal products. Both claim that a ban would be devastating.

They spoke before a hearing on the proposed ban.

Greenland Fisheries Minister Finn Karlsen, dressed in a traditional white Inuit sealskin jacket, insisted such a ban would “have severe and negative consequence for hunters and their families.”

“Our culture and our economy are at stake and it’s something I cannot accept,” he told lawmakers.

Canadian fisheries ministry representative Garry Stenson said the hunt “is humane, well regulated and sustainable” and that new rules for the hunt were under review to strengthen inspections, monitoring and enforcement of animal welfare rules.

Canada has said a ban could violate trade rules and it threatened action if a ban was introduced. It said a ban would decimate isolated east coast communities that are heavily dependent on the annual hunt.

The article does say that the Inuit communities would have special exemptions.

I'm not sure it will pass though. This proposal would require all 27 EU nations to approve it.

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Anonymous said...

I am not against killing animals - I eat meat, wear leather shoes and jackets, even some fur. But the mankind has reached some level and some maybe traditional, but cruel traditions have to be abolished. I don't have problem with exception for Inuits, but annual mass killing of young seals has nothing to do with traditions, it's just a business. Sooner or later, this law will pass...

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