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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Web Site for McKee Project

Well, it's not exactly a new address, but it's a friendlier, more engaging design.

They do great work in Latin America.

We are a US non profit 501(c)(3), with Foundations in Costa Rica & Panama. Mckee approaches the suffering of companion animals at the root, in the community. We do not use euthanasia, because it does not work, likewise, we do not spend limited community resources on shelters, which do not solve the issue of overpopulation and which are inhumane storage and killing facilities.

What Mckee does is build sustainable community solutions by teaching local veterinarians, governmental veterinarians & university veterinarians in advanced spay neuter techniques (safer for the animals and faster for high volume campaigns), and, also trains the respective community to be pro-active using spay neuter, and community support versus shelters and euthanasia (or massive poisonings – which has been developing nation’s governmental “solutions”).

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