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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kill the Toads!

Australia being urged to plan for a massive cane toad killin'.

Queensland MP Shane Knuth called for a cane toad equivalent of Clean Up Australia Day, an annual event in which Australians scour the countryside for litter.

The fast-spreading cane toads are the country's most disliked introduced pest, their poisonous skin accounting for the deaths of millions of birds, crocodiles and other predators each year.

Volunteers taking part in the 'Toad Day Out' would be encouraged to kill the creatures by placing them in plastic bags and dropping them in the freezer.

So freezing them to death is the most humane way of managing this species? I'm not a biologist, but is this because they are amphibians? I don't get it.

It is not the first time {Knuth} has demanded a war on cane toads. Last year he suggested that children should be encouraged to hunt them down and paid a bounty of 40 cents (20p) per animal, dead or alive.

Photo by williewonker.

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