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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tigers Escape Circus in Portugal

Two tigers escaped from a circus lorry outside of Lisbon. The incident is being used to remind the UK government of the risk from wild animals in circuses. The UK government has delayed a decision on their ban.

Two tigers escaped from a circus trailer near Lisbon in Portugal left unguarded when the lorry broke down and was towed away for repairs. Circus Chen had previously been investigated by ADI {Animal Defenders International} in 2005 who described the conditions the animals were forced to live in as deplorable. ADI also highlighted safety concerns including keeping a zoo area where the public were left unsupervised with animals.

Jan Creamer, chief executive of ADI, said: “Claims by circus owner Miguel Chen that this was sabotage seem ridiculous as they should have had personnel monitoring the animals to ensure such an escape could not happen. They are merely trying to avoid the blame for their own lack of responsibility.”

Circus Chen huh? Anyone ever heard of Circus Atlas? I ran into them in Terceira, Azores two years ago. I had a feeling they were bad and, everything I've seen on the web confirms this view. They are apparently a French circus.

Photo by cc.gatech.

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