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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Makah Face Tribal Charges on Illegal Whaling

All I can say is, I'm glad they are also up on federal charges as well. Something tells me that even if they are found guilty, they will get little more than a slap on the wrist.

Five members of the Makah tribe face a year in prison and may be fined $5,000 each for participating in an unauthorized whale hunt this fall.

On Monday, the Makah Tribal Council announced that it had charged Wayne Johnson, Theron Parker, Andy Noel, Bill Secor and Frankie Gonzalez with violating state and federal laws, including the Marine Animal Protection Act, by joining in an unsanctioned hunt for gray whales off Neah Bay on Sept. 8.

Let's face it, these people all know each other. The only reason the Tribal Council is acting is because they don't like the negative publicity, and want to show the feds they can "be responsible" in managing legal whale hunts.

Photo by Ricardo Martins

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