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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is Mary Kay Okay on Animal Testing?

Per this page on the Mary Kay website

Mary Kay Inc. does not do animal testing. Mary Kay Inc. has not conducted, or requested on its behalf, any testing of products or ingredients on animals in over 15 years and actively supports the research of alternative testing methods.

So, to check this claim, I "googled" Mary Kay and animal testing.

Per Leaping Bunny, Mary Kay signed a non-animal testing pledge back in 1999.

Mary Kay, Inc., one of the largest and most well-known cosmetics companies, has agreed to sign the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals. The Corporate Standard is the most stringent non-animal testing policy in the United States, Canada and Europe.

I haven't found anything to contradict this so far. Please let us know if any of you have other information. It would be great to just walk in to a pharmacy and buy some makeup instead of ordering online.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is all about the beauty, since you are talking about Mary Kay. I do know much about the company from personal experience and from other people who share their knowledge on It is a wonderful site for those, who have no idea about the goods and the level of service of the company. Take into consideration other people’s experience.

Anonymous said...

Mary Kay may not do any animal testing in the western world. BUT they are huge in China. To be in China and sell their products - to the best of my knowledge the products HAVE TO BE tested on animals. It would be very interesting to hear what Mary Kay has to say about their Chineese operations and how they are able to sell their producys there....

Anonymous said...

I so glad that Mary Kay does not test their products on animals. If they did i would not buy anymore produts made by them. My mom sells it and i would tell her to stop using and selling it.

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